The 2022 renewal form was included in the last newsletter.


  • 2022 Membership Renewal Form for all CURRENT MEMBERS

  • Please see 2022 fees below
    Acrobat PDF Format -

  • Membership for 2022 The renewal form was included in the January - June 2020 newsletter.
    Registered and Full Members: - $270 before December 1, 2021 and $370 after
    Associate Members - $215 before December 1, 2021 and $315 after
    Industrial Members - $220 before December 1, 2021 and $320 after
    Student Members - $205 before December 1, 2021 and $305 after
    Retired Members - $185 before December 1, 2021 and $285 after

Application forms for NEW MEMBERS available below 
Please Select the appropriate form for the type of membership that applies to you (not sure? See category descriptions below)

Fees include the H.S.T.


One Post dated cheque is accepted, however, it must be dated before the December1st deadline. If dated after you will be charged extra for paying late. We recommend you forward your membership early in order not to have everything due around Christmas and the New Year.

If you pay before NOVEMER 1st, you can claim 5 points on your CEP

Duplicate receipts will be issued via email at a cost of $25.00 each.
If you allow your membership to lapse and then require a letter sent to your employer stating you are up to date with your CEP and a paid member in good standing, the cost for sending this letter will be $50.00.


You are eligible for an Advanced Orthopaedic Technologist Diploma

  • If you are a Registered Orthopaedic Technologist and have current membership in the CSOT
  • maintain your certification through the Continuing Education Program
  • have at least eight years full time work experience in a Canadian Hospital and work in the fracture/cast/emergency clinic directly in the care of orthopaedic patients
  • have been a Registered Orthopaedic Technologist for not less than five years full time. Written verification from your orthopaedic surgeon/emergency physician as well as your manager is required

Due to cost constraints, we would ask that you send a stamp to cover the cost of the mailing.

Immigrants to Canada, including orthopaedic surgeons, should be aware that employment as an orthopaedic technician in a Canadian hospital must be acquired before you can join the CSOT. The CSOT is not set up to assess foreign credentials before you arrive in Canada. The CSOT is not a training school nor an employment agency.

Application forms for 2022

To join the CSOT, simply print off the appropriate Membership Application Form, (Acrobat Format) and mail it to us along with the application fee. We write to your sponsoring surgeon and H.R. Dept. and ask that they complete a form and return to us. This can takes weeks to receive. It's to your advantage to ensure these forms are completed a.s.a.p. Once you have been accepted for membership you are then eligible to write the exams at the first examining board. Members joining AFTER JULY 1 will not be eligible to take part in the October examinations.

Membership Year: January 1 - December 1 
if you require the Acrobat Reader, go to to download it

Important to Note

2022 Membership Year

Membership is due and payable on the 1st of December. After December 1st the fee increases from $270.00 to $370.00.

If we have not received your fees by January 1, 2022 notice is sent to your Personnel Director/Fracture Clinic Manager advising that your certificate is no longer valid with the CSOT. Should you wish to be reinstated, a membership fee of $370.00 along with a reinstatement fee of $100.00 for a total of $470.00 must be forwarded to the CSOT office.

On May 1, 2022 a membership fee of $370.00 plus a reinstatement fee of $175.00 will be required for a total of $545.00

On December 1, 2022 the reinstatement fee of $250.00 plus the membership fee of $370.00 is required for a total of $620.00.

On January 1, 2023 the reinstatement fee of $620 from the previous year plus $250.00 reinstatement and the membership fee for the current year must be forwarded AND THE WRITTEN EXAM MUST BE REDONE! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

On January 1, 2024 the reinstatement fee from 2023 plus $400.00 reinstatement and the current membership fee must be forwarded AND THE WRITTEN EXAM MUST BE REDONE! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

After three years of non payment, re-application for membership is necessary as well as completion of the written, oral and practical exams. It is important to note that commencing January 1, 2023 anyone wishing to be reinstated will have to successfully complete another written exam.

What if I'm not registered (a Full Member) and don't pay my fees?

Your name will be removed from our membership rolls and it will be necessary to reapply for membership. For those who relinquish their membership after failing any portion of the exam and then decide to renew their membership hoping to get three more attempts at passing - be advised this will not happen. EXAMPLE: Joe Smith writes his exam and fails. He rewrites in February and fails again. Joe then decides to drop his membership. Two years later his place of employment suggests that it would be beneficial for him to become Registered. Joe applies for membership in the CSOT again. What Joe doesn't know is that he will only have ONE MORE opportunity to successfully complete the written exam. His two other failures are still on record. A person has three opportunities to complete the exams. However .....If you passed the written portion of your exam and then let your membership lapse the exam will become null and void and you will have to rewrite.

International Members - please add $20.00 to the fee to cover the cost of mailing etc.

We are a national society with representation in each Province. Our membership has also extended to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Full membership leading to Registered membership is available to all persons having completed one full year of gainful employment in a Canadian hospital, in the application of casts and traction assemblies. Sponsorship of an Orthopaedic Surgeon must accompany the application for membership in the CSOT.

Membership Categories
Full Member:

Is available to all persons who are gainfully employed in a Canadian Hospital and actively working in the orthopaedic fracture/E.R./ cast room of a Hospital and have done so for at least ONE FULL YEAR(Minimum of 850 hours every year).They should be able to carry out the application of plaster/fibreglass/synthetic casts and traction assemblies with a minimum of direct supervision. Sponsorship of an Orthopaedic Surgeon must accompany application for membership. Members of this classification should be striving for reclassification as a Registered member.

Registered Member:

A person who has satisfactorily completed the examinations for Registry as outlined in the Registry Regulations.

Associate Members:

Persons holding a position related to orthopaedic technology and having some knowledge of physiology, anatomy, therapy technique and equipment involved in the practice of orthopaedic technology, or, persons meeting the membership qualifications but who reside and practice outside Canada may be admitted to the Society as associate members.  Ineligible to complete the examination process.

Industrial Members:

Persons engaged in the manufacture or sale of equipment and supplies used in the practice of orthopaedics or orthopaedic technology. Industrial members will not have a vote in the affairs of the Society, but may, with the approval of the Board, be nominated to certain standing committees. Ineligible to complete the examination process.

Student Members:

Persons in the process of being trained "in house".  Volunteering at a hospital in order to acquire clinical practice is not considered 'gainful employment' and does not count towards the required 850 hours. You can remain a student for a period of 3 years after which you must become an Associate member or, if eligible, a Full member.
Ineligible to complete the examination process.

No registered orthopaedic technologist engaged directly in the manufacturing and/or sales related fields of orthopaedic practice or technology is eligible to hold an elected position on the national board of directors. Registered Orthopaedic Technologists holding a position on the board must relinquish their position on the board within one month after commencement to a position in the manufacturing and/or sales side of the orthopaedic field.